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Finding Gay Love in a Foreign Land – Part 4 The Eurasian Boy’s Story: Love in Manila

Mack Thomas

Copyright 2012 by Mack Thomas

Smashwords Edition


All characters contained in this work are aged 18 or over and all sexual activity was entered into of the participants own free will


Shahrus is a mixed race boy living in the Philippines. His mother flies from Europe to the Philippines to pay him a visit, and is not happy at the place he calls home, nor with the direction his life is taking. Before she leaves, however, she makes a very unusual request of him: to find love. Jaded as he is, however, he is not optimistic about his chances.

My mother is visiting me here in Manila, capital of the Philippines for a few weeks, and already the tension is mounting.

Don’t get me wrong, please. I love my mother absolutely, but Chinese mothers can be impossible to live with. This one in particular, if I am being honest… which I am.

While this move is for me a promotion, she looks at the dirt, the grime, and the filth of this city, and sees only a demotion.

In a way she is right, I suppose.

Further, she fears this city, as it has a reputation for kidnappings, both of the Chinese, as well as of foreigners, but telling her that this happens everywhere is useless.

Last year, when rioting erupted throughout London and other cities in England, my mother called me on the phone hysterically, telling me she that loved me and that if she died, to take care of my younger sister. She had the presence of mind to call my sister at the same time, and to make it a three-way call as well.

She is no technophobe, my mother.

In the background at the time, I could hear chaos, and was genuinely terrified for her and my father, who owns a modest apartment building in Croydon, where some of the rioting occurred. I could also hear some of our downstairs tenants in our apartment, as they felt they’d be safer on a higher floor than they would at ground level.

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