Kranky Kreatures

Michael Buckley

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Parts of this book have previously appeared in magazines--including BBC Wildlife, National Wildlife, Canadian Wildlife, CNN Traveller, Beyond Magazine, and Perceptive Travel e-zine. Many thanks to Riina Tamm for proof-reading the manuscript.



I have always been drawn to stories of fantastic mythical beasts like the dragon, the gryphon, the chimera and the harpy. But I was never content to just read about them. I wanted to get closer to these magical creatures. The dinosaurs were real, after all. The woolly mammoth once roamed large parts of the northern hemisphere: today specimens turn up encased in ice. Science fiction: it may be possible to resurrect the woolly mammoth by cloning from a well-preserved specimen. Other beasts started out as mythical, but over time have been proven to be real. For centuries, there were persistent rumours of a giant ape living in the jungles of Africa: it was not until the mid-19th century that the creature was introduced to science and christened the gorilla. The unicorn is a mythical horse--but just as striking are the zebroid, the zorse, and the opkapi.

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