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Modus Operandi

By Chloe Gallagher

Copyright 2012 Chloe Gallagher

Smashwords Edition

Smashwords Edition, License Notes

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It all began with the ten o’clock news.

I snapped my laptop shut and clicked the TV on, having typed to the end of a chapter. Quite enough for today. The news played in the background as I tidied away my papers and wires.

‘…has been missing for ten days now.’ I twisted round to see the screen. A missing person on the local news? ‘Mr Smythe has not been in touch with his wife and has not been seen at work. If anybody has any information…’

My stomach muscles clenched and I tasted metal. Relax, I told myself. It’s nothing to do with you. But I still couldn’t take my mind off it. The news lingered over my head for the rest of the evening, like a dark cloud. It followed me to bed, too. I couldn’t escape it. I fell into an uneasy sleep thinking about how the manipulative deviant would get off knowing that I was lying in bed thinking about him.

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