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Squirrels in Frankfurter Highlight

Rhea Rose

Copyright by Rhea Rose, 2012

Published by RainWood Press at Smashwords, April 2012.

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Cover design by RainWood Press.

Squirrels in Frankfurter Highlight

Jing's brother blew into Squirrels' deep-fried aromatic atmosphere like a bird caught in an up draft. His clothes billowed as he stepped from the winter street into the twenty-four-hour-entertainment-center’s entrance. He peeled his new winter wear from his body, folding the clothes over and in on themselves until they were small enough to fit in the nylon pouch on his belt. The white stripes on his T-shirt and sneakers took on a purple hue in the lighting.

Jing walked on her toes as she made her way through the moving crowds and line-ups toward her brother. Above the heads and from between her black skinny beaded braids, she strained to keep him in sight.

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