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Zeigler, Through Vidster’s Eyes; A Wrongful Conviction In A 1975 Quadruple Capital Murder Case

Alice de Sturler

Copyright 2012 by Alice de Sturler

SmashWords Edition


An Excellent Non-Fiction Apologetic of a Wrongly Convicted Man

“Presenting this true, complex case in a simple, 50-page format and reader-friendly manner is no small feat, yet Vidster has done that by leading the reader step by step through the events of Christmas Eve 1975, highlighting the shoddy investigation, analyzing the blood evidence, and giving us a fresh look at the crime scene.”

The Quill

Justice, is it only a word?

“I want to thank Vidster for bringing this case to light. I will remember it during my career. I don’t need to learn from my own mistakes, though I do. I am more than able to learn through the mistakes of others.”

Suzie Ivy

A Must-Read for Those Who Believe in Justice

“Zeigler, through Vidster's Eyes is a compelling read; filled with interesting facts, neatly explained and easy to digest, Vidster takes us on a journey through a maze of evidence and unearths the frightening possibilities behind the case and the motives behind these murders.

If you have a passion for justice, an eye for detail and a curious mind, this book is highly recommended. As someone who knows nothing about forensics but loves watching CSI episodes, this book had me enthralled from start to finish.”

Natasha Phillips


“I am someone who likes to understand the “how and why” events occur, so that I can nod my head and say “yes indeed, I see the reasoning” even if I don’t agree with the outcome. I like to understand the thinking and the process.

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