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Author's Note

This collection of ramblings has been gradually accumulating for a number of years, resulting in many full waste-paper bins, endless thumbing of thesauri, late meals, dogs not walked, a layer of dust thick enough to write in when my pencil broke, and more recently, hours spent trying to fathom out the workings of a computer. My poems have kept me busy at home and thus safe from the hoards of folk who stand on street corners trying to get me to do a survey. They have also afforded me a rainbow of emotions ranging from deep frustration and feelings of inadequacy to those of immense pleasure and a sense of self-satisfaction for which I feel no remorse.

It's good to know they have been of some use.



Prudence is a Virtue


Wee Small Hours

Of Sound Mind

Hide 'n' Seek

Who's Watching Whom?


Baggy Jumper

Train of Thought

What's She Like?

Go with the Flow

Autumn Ramble


Let's have a PANIC

Bah Humbug

January Sales

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