“Sounds nice,” said Jak.

Both Jak and Baxter thanked the governor and started toward the door with Dodge.

“Oh, Dodge,” beckoned Hennex, “Would you mind staying behind for just an extra minute? I need your input on one small matter.”

“Sure,” said Dodge. He turned back and waited with the governor. “Jak, I’ll come and get you guys tomorrow morning at 0700 hours.”

Jak nodded and left the room with Baxter.

Jobs ... so this is what they were like.


Governor Hennex glared at Dodge. “Interesting fellow, this Jak Phoenix.”

“One of my best friends, sir.”

“Keep him under control.”

“Sir, I told you already that he’s a good man.”

“Good men come and go, my friend. Good men can also be loose cannons. I don’t need any trouble here, understand?”

Dodge had put up with the nagging for a while now, but the governor’s mood had changed for the worse as Jak’s arrival came closer. Now that it involved someone close to him, he wasn’t going to get walked over that easily. “I’d say you already have trouble,” said Dodge. “And that’s why you hired me. And that’s why I hired Jak to help us out. If we can’t agree on that right now, I’m out.”

The governor quickly realized he had gone overboard. “I’m sorry, Dodge. You have to understand that times are stressful right now. You know I need you out here.”

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