The Creation of a Covenant

By: Gary Fish

Covenant terminology is woven with mastery through out the writings of God’s Word, from Genesis to Revelation, it touches all generations. Adam, Abraham, David, and all believers of all ages have been granted a covenant relationship with the Creator of the universe, sealed by the blood of the Lamb of God. Covenant demonstrates the character of Jehovah and that he will perform what he says he will do. To help us recognize key words and statements in the Word, we will study different practices that were performed and their meaning to us through the Word.

Blood covenants were common practices during ancient civilizations, but today’s society has little concept of true covenant relationship.

The definition of covenant by the NEW CONCISE WEBSTER’S DICTIONARY is: “an agreement formally made.” Statements like “contracts are made to be broken” define the integrity of today’s society. It use to be that a spoken word or hand shake was a binding agreement between two parties, and based upon the integrity of the people involved, the agreement was unbreakable. Because of the heart of man continually running away from God, man thinks nothing of breaking promises and covenants with others.

Covenant agreements were entered into to bind tribes, family and even nations together. The foundation for the union was based upon the strengths and weakness of the two, not on their similarities. In true covenant, racism and denominationalism have no place in this agreement. Racism and denominationalism cause divisions and weaknesses within the body. When we are in covenant with God, we are in covenant with anyone who walks in that same covenant. The color of a person skin, and where they were born does not negate the covenant we have with one another. If the body of Christ would rally together under one banner, one covenant with God, we could transform our cities for God. We must work together for the last days are here, and we have much work to do. By unifying our weaknesses and strengths together we become a mighty force for the Kingdom of God.

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