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The Earth from space: Idea go /

Woman's green eyes: Image: graur codrin /

Earthlink: Impact


Knuckles white on the wheel, Sage spun the small, royal blue, Ford Fiesta round the corner, careening across the road and sliding perilously close to the dry stone wall that separated the road from a field full of sheep.

"What a rush!" Her passenger screamed, a wild grin splitting his face as he was thrown into the door. "Lose the coppers?" he yelled.

"I'm trying." Sage shouted back, ripping the wheel to the side again as the car skidded, leaving rubber on the tarmac as the flashing lights and siren of the pursuing police car arrived behind them again.

Sage spun the fiesta hard round an approaching corner and screamed her delight as the rear wheels slid out of control and the fiesta threatened to skim the low dry stone wall, missing it by mere millimetres as Sage wrenched the wheel and fought the skidding car back under her control again. "Zed?" she yelled, "you ok?"

"Oh Yeah!" Her passenger yelled back, grinning as he reached for the stereo to turn it up even louder until it thundered through the car, shaking the seats as the engine roared, taking them back into the edge of town. Between his feet sat a six pack of cheap beer and a bottle of cider.

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