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The War Horn

"The War Horn was an amazing novel of humor, trust, and daring. Fast-paced but an easy read, this novel truly encompasses the loyalty of the human soul. Bravo!"

Lark, 14

"I loved The War Horn. It was an amazing story, full of action and adventure. The plot has twists and turns that will keep you guessing to the very end. It keeps you hooked throughout the story, a true page-turner! The War Horn will be a book that I’ll revisit again and again. I highly recommend it, and it is a must read for everyone."

Ciara D., 14

"The War Horn is AMAZING! It is very well written and delightful to read! Everyone will be hooked right from the start! You appreciate and love all the characters in their own special way from the beginning! This is a book that everyone should read!"

Farrah D., 12

"The War Horn was such a thrilling novel that I could hardly put it down! The characters were very fleshed-out and realistic—I almost felt like I knew them! The plot was very well-paced and full of suspense, a few absolutely hilarious lines, and quite a few jaw-dropping moments. I loved it!"

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