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Creative Photography Blinds

For a different perspective, try photographing wildlife from a blind. Blending in with your surroundings is like becoming the lamp in the corner of a room. If you’re very successful minimizing motion and staying quiet, you’ll see what happens when wildlife is unaware its being watched. People aren’t often adept at becoming part of nature, but using a blind is an effective method for sneaking a peak at what happens when we’re not around.

When will you benefit from using a blind to photograph wildlife? Well, since a blind doesn’t actually make you invisible, the advantage is really to make yourself a part of the natural surroundings. The goal is to be in proximity to observe and photograph wildlife without it reacting to you. Mammals are challenging, as they are more likely to sense your presence than birds. It’s been said that birds don’t count very well. If two people walk up to a blind and one walks away, they may not realize someone’s left behind.

It isn’t necessary to go to great lengths to camouflage yourself from wildlife subjects. A blind can be as simple as draping yourself under a sheet of camo fabric or behind a stack of strategically placed bales of hay. Even a car or truck can be useful to hide yourself from an animal subject. We’ve had great luck photographing from our truck in urban locations and other places where wildlife is used to seeing vehicles.

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