Rhea Rose

Copyright © Rhea Rose, 2012

Published by Rainwood Press at Smashwords, April 2012.

A version of this story appeared in Northwest Passages: A Cascadian Anthology. Windstorm Creative Press. Port Orchard, Seattle. 2005.

Cover design by Rainwood Press.


They’d managed to travel from Vancouver, B.C. to Yakima, Washington before things began to unravel.

Lost on an old logging road, in search of a KOA campground, they’d punctured a tire and his mother searched for a place to pull over.

So much for the San Diego zoo and seeing the captured Sakwatches,” Squatch said, imitating his little sister, Kadia, and her childish pronunciation. Squatch hid his own disappointment by staring hard out the window.

The road dust gave the weeds and ground cover an alien aura as if the vegetation in the area came from another planet. Their camper sagged to one side and nearly made contact with the soft dry surface of the road. “What a pretty spot,” his mother said, as she pulled their vehicle into the only open patch of forest. “A woodland glade right out of a Walt Disney cartoon,” she announced.

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