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My Cup Of Tea

Jeremy looked down from the loft of his new condo into the thinning crowd of friends that had come for his housewarming party. It was almost embarrassing that most all of them were married and he was the only single one left of the bunch. A few of his friends had tried to hook him up with a few women they’d deemed as ‘his type’, but none of them were her....Jessica Mayfield. Well her name was Jessica Honeycutt now, wife of four years to his best friend since high school, Joshua Honeycutt. Jeremy would never stop kicking himself for walking away from her for a semester abroad in Paris. Josh had been there to keep her company, soother her broken heart, and eventually satisfy her needs as a woman. By the time Jeremy had returned, Josh and Jessica were an item and he was the third wheel everywhere they went together. He couldn’t even be mad that they’d ended up together. Jeremy had kept Jessica at arm’s length for two whole years, never wanting to go beyond their friends with benefits arrangement. He was young and stupid then, and it was college afterall. The prospects were limitless. Jessica deserved a really good guy, and his best friend Josh was just that. They’d both gone on to law school together, getting married just before graduation. Jeremy had taken the corporate approach, making a name for himself in investment brokering. Funny how they’d all ended up back in the same city. The three J’ everyone called them through college. Jeremy, Jessica & Josh...Inseparable til the end.
“Looks like everyone’s clearing’s nasty out there tonight. They’re calling for thunderstorms all week.”
Jessica smiled up at Jeremy from the foot of the stairs, reaching out to take one of the three wine bottles he’d gone up there to retrieve.
“That’s summer for you, but still no reason why we can’t enjoy...You two aren’t leaving...are you?” Jeremy asked, his gaze holding on Jessica’s face while she did that funny little thing with her nose.
God she was beautiful. Straight brown hair hung just past her shoulders, complimenting the naturally thin frame she’d managed to keep all through college. Her face was free of any makeup, save for a swipe of pale pink lip gloss on pouty lips, the tiny freckles dotting the bridge of her nose visible for all to see. Jeremy almost smiled when she wiggled her nose before answering, already knowing she had something on her mind.
“Well...actually...I was going to ask you about that... I know you’ve got that big meeting early tomorrow, and we’re definitely going to stay and help you clean up, but I was wondering if you minded us crashing here at your new place. We’re both off tomorrow and I know I won’t get Josh back into the city if we go home tonight...”
“Jess...really...? You don’t have to’re both family,” Jeremy smiled easily, nodding to two of his work buddies as they pulled on their coats, preparing to leave.
“I know it’s just....”
“Jess...don’t worry okay? You and Josh can stay here anytime you want. Do me a favor...get these on ice for me, and I’m going to go say goodbye to Steve and his wife before they disappear on me.”
“Okay,” Jessica agreed with a smile, taking the other two bottles from Jeremy’s hand.
He watched as she made her way across his living room towards the kitchen, his eyes running appreciatively over the womanly body she now had. Previously slender hips had rounded into nice curves, swaying gently in the long halter style sundress she wore. She’d obviously gotten her wish for a plumper ass, because even from where he stood, Jeremy could see her cheeks had gotten a little fuller and higher, jiggling slightly with every step she took. Nothing but a thong could allow that much freedom, and Jeremy cursed the pull in his groin as he watched her disappear out of site. The only guest bedroom he had in his new house was right beside his room.
If he had to listen to them making love tonight....
The thought only aroused him more, but not because he was picturing Jessica with Josh. He was picturing himself with Jessica. Sneaking her into his room...making love to her with her legs wrapped tightly around his waist...
His soft groan was cut short when Steve patted him on the back, his keys and coat already in hand. Jeremy only halfway listened, wishing his work buddy a good night before making another round through the room. It was going to be a long night.

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