The Concise Biography of Iron Mike

By Frank Oliver

Copyright 2012 Frank Oliver

All rights reserved

Smashwords Edition

Michael Gerard Tyson was born on 30th June, 1966, in Brooklyn, New York. When he was just an infant Tyson’s father abandoned his mother and her three children leaving them to grow up in poverty in a small apartment in one of the roughest neighbourhoods in the city. With few other options available to him, Tyson was drawn into the life of a gang member and spent his time on the streets committing crimes and making himself well known to the local police.

Tyson had a difficult time as a small child. He was softly spoken and had a lisp which he carried with him into adult life. He was also large for his age which made him a target for violence and ridicule among older gang members. Tyson never fought back and his only friends were a coop of pigeons he kept on the roof of his apartment block; a hobby he continued even after he became heavyweight champion. It was his love of pigeons that led to a defining moment in Tyson’s life. An older gang member from the neighbourhood discovered Tyson’s hobby and killed one of the pigeons in front of him out of spite. This so enraged the previously timid Tyson that he set upon the larger boy and beat him into submission. It was the first time Tyson fought back against his tormentors and he discovered two things; he liked fighting, and he was good at it.

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