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Angel of Promise

Angel Marie: The Making of an Angel

Dedicated to: Mary Putt


Much of this work of art is true. I have changed the names and some of the events in this Novel to engage the reader into a spiritual journey. Many of the Hospice patients I see on a daily basis for the past 22 years do go through what you will read on these pages.

I want to take this time to thank all of the Hospice Volunteers across the country who care for the dying. You have inspired me to take this book into a direction I would not have entered without you. Your selfless giving from your heart motivates me to do the work I do as a Hospice Chaplain.

Hospice has given me a particular view on life that has allowed me to view the lives of those I serve in ways that informs and nourishes my soul. Dying people have taught me a great deal about living. They have taught me to live in soul through bonding with them in eternal relationships embraced in the heart and known as love to the soul. Each day I am challenged by my patients to close my eyes to what is around me and open them into what lies within every living thing on earth.

If I were to put into words what I have learned in my care with Hospice patients over the years, it would be the following words:

Hospice is more than holding hands with dying patients. It is the desire to hold another's heart in a gentle awareness hands can no longer touch.

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