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Resurrection Earth

By Alexander Dregon.

Published on Smashwords by Alexander Dregon.

(Free Edition)

Resurrection Earth

Copyright 2012 @ Smashwords

This universe, these characters and most of the technical information in this story are not mine. In any respect. The story is based on the universe of J. Michael Straczynski. The only reason I wrote it at all was as a gift to the fans of what I consider the greatest sci-fi show and one of the best shows ever on television. I could not and would not ever take a dime for this story. It is solely for those that regret the fact that the final premise of the show was never finished. This is a version of what could have been done.

TO any that download and read this story. This is a final chapter to the story begun in the movie “A Call to Arms.” In the story Earth was attacked by the Drakh, dark servants of the Shadows, as revenge for Earth’s role in their master’s abandoning of them. Defeated by John Sheridan, they decide to attack Earth on the five year anniversary of the Shadow’s leaving.

In the end, defeated by the combined efforts of Sheridan, the Techno Mage Galen, and a professional thief named Dureena, and the supreme sacrifice of an Earth force captain named Anderson, the Drakh, in an act of spite, release a virus into the atmosphere. Based on Shadow technology, it will kill every air breathing thing on the planet in five years.

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