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In the Author’s Own Words

The Chronicler

A Satur’Morn Adventure

Scarlet Heart Strings and Silver Rings,

Endings and Beginnings


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About this Book

Sharif and his two young boys decide to have an afternoon exploring the lightly wooded countryside. Bright sunshine and fresh air, perhaps a light picnic in the sunny woods and a father telling his sons tales of adventures and adventurers of days long past; this is about all the excitement a middle aged scribe and historian could wish for, or stand. But what happens when he and his little ones are magically transported to the dangerous Dark wood? Can a lowly academic prevent his two sons from becoming part of a three course meal for the mystical and ravenous beasts who live there!?!


Roa has always had it rough; no friends, hard life and silver hair that made him the target of ridicule and abuse in his village. Inherited from his deceased mother, Roa will discover that his silver hair isn’t the only thing that makes him special. Will natural talent and a will to turn success into a means to win his way back to his childhood love be enough?

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