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The Killer In The Back Seat

Drac Von Stoller

Copyright 2012 by: Drac Von Stoller

Smashwords Edition

If you ever find yourself driving down Old Hollow Road after midnight, whatever you do, don't say these words "The old man's on fire," three times or your will end up like all the rest. That's exactly what happened to Johnny Waters. Johnny wasn't afraid of a legend, especially because he never heard of anyone dying on Old Hollow Road. Johnny's grandfather told him that there was an old man that lived in the woods across from Old Hollow Road.

Legend has it that a group of young teenagers had been drinking heavily and decided to play a prank on the old man. The teenagers didn't like the old man because he would run them off his property with his shotgun. This just made them angry. They wanted to teach the old man a lesson. The old man's property was their favorite place to camp out because it was secluded deep in the woods.

One day when the group of teenagers came by the old man's property after dark they decided it was time to teach the old man a lesson. One of the teenagers went back to his car to get a gas can. When he returned back to the group, he told them he was going to burn the old man's cabin to the ground. After about two more six packs the teens were out for blood. They poured gas all around the cabin and set it ablaze. The teens stood and watched the old man's cabin burn to the ground. They heard the old man screaming from the cabin, "I'm burning, please save me!" The teenagers just laughed and passed the two six packs around until the beer was gone. They tossed their empty beer cans in the fire where the old man's cabin used to sit. Supposedly, one of the teenagers heard the old man say, "If you ever ride down Old Hollow Road in your car, don't look in your rear view mirror. If you do, the old man will get you."

The teen just shrugged it off if it were his imagination. All five teenagers that were responsible for the old man's death died the same way. Over the years, the guilt set in for what had happened to the old man. Somehow each one of them felt drawn to drive down Old Hollow Road. Each one of the five teenagers that was responsible for the old man’s death were killed the same way and their heads missing. My grandfather said, "Whatever you do, don't drive down Old Hollow Road after midnight and look into your rear view mirror. Because, if you do. You might just end up like one of those teenagers did; dead with no head."

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