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Blood Magic: Mizar

Marc Lanzoni

Published by Marc Lanzoni at Smashwords

Copyright 2009

Prologue: Sojoa

Sojoa sat quietly in a tiny room watching the graceful drops of water on the window pane, sliding down as if racing each other to the bottom. The room was deprived of all light except for a tiny window that didn’t do much. The floor was made of cement and stained with all matter of unpleasant things, some stains even resembled blood. The walls were no different, except for patches of shrivelled, old wallpaper and threatening messages sprawled on every spare patch. Sojoa reminded himself of the reason why he was here and turned around to another rather poorly looking man, and gave him a very rude hand gesture.

Give it a rest Sojoa” said the man; rather impatiently “your pitiful acts of vandalism and rudeness will be of no help to you now”.

Oh you’re one to talk Herflow, I hear you were a true troublemaker when you were young” Sojoa mocked with a smirk on his face.

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