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The Blessed Evil

Ike A Williams

Copyright 2012 by Ike Williams

Smashwords Edition


A young man, in England between the middle nineteen fifties and the late nineteen eighties; whose pastime, it would seem, was the indiscriminate killing of people he encountered, regardless of age, sex, creed or social status. This man came from an unenviable background; from the wrong end of society. He was orphaned from an early age, through the killing of his father at the hands of his mother—an event which he may or may not have witnessed, and his subsequent abandonment by his mother, who also met with an untimely death. The young man’s deficiencies continued to add up, since he was also afflicted by a multitude of psychiatric issues, and spent the best part of his life in and out of correctional facilities. It would be normal to expect this man’s life to amount to anything but positive. Our inherent sense of normalcy may therefore short-circuit and tailspin in confusion at the hint of the possibility of an alternative outcome under the same circumstances. Notwithstanding this, everything about Lewis may well be part of a process towards a transformed and cleansed world.

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