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Once again it was going to be a late night for Detective Jill Swanson. It had been over a month since she’d made it home before midnight and tonight wouldn’t be any different. Working undercover would have been a dream come true, except she’d let go of that dream over three years ago when she married the love of her life. The promotion had been bittersweet, her marriage now falling apart after just two assignments. She clutched the phone closer to her ear, tears barely held back at her husband’s soft words.

I didn’t sign up for this Jill… I wanted a wife…and now…I feel single again. I need you here… We had a plan remember… The thirty year plan… Me, you, Hawaii when we’re sixty, old and gray…?”

I know…” Jill whispered quietly, her voice catching before she could say anymore.

Look, I know it’s coming to an end on this one, but another assignment and I’m seriously considering a divorce. I want us to work…I do… But I have to see you in order for that to happen…I’m sorry…”

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