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Don't Mess With Thor!

Thomas and Peter woke up bright and early, fully prepped to wipe off the usual smug smile Hearthoff always wore on his face. They suited up and practiced against each other, trading blows that put dents in their shields. A few shields later, Hearthoff walked in.

"Lads," he said glancing at the shields quickly and then back at the two boys, "I'm glad to say that you've both passed. After a lot of deliberation I have deemed the final test to be unnecessary. Watching the fantastic work you both did yesterday (especially you Thomas), I'm sure that you shall be prepared to face anything that comes in our way."

"You're scared," shouted Peter with glee. "Ha ha! You're scared of us".

Hearthoff lost his cool reserve. A vein on his forehead started throbbing. "Scared?" he shouted, "Of two mere mortals? I am Thor. Slayer of giants. Feared adversary of the Midgard Serpent himself."

A blue glow enveloped him.

"Scared?" he shouted again. Peter cowered behind a stone wall as shields and suits of armour whizzed past him, thrown presumably by some kind of electrostatic force.

"Scared?" he shouted again. Thomas felt himself being lifted off the ground as bolts of lightening struck all around him. Thomas was then held upside down, and forced to do a jig on the ceiling.

"I do not fear anything!" Hearthoff bellowed. "I am Thor!"

On saying this he seemed to lose some of his pent up rage, and the room regained some peace. Thomas was put down with a bump and Peter came out of his hiding place, looking pleadingly at Hearthoff with his big eyes.

"I'm sorry lads," Hearthoff said finally calmed. "It's just my wife Sif, you know. She's been putting me under a lot of pressure to settle down. And I'm not the type of man who settles down. When I'm with her she just makes me explode, you know? Like I did just now. I used to be like this all of the time when I was living with her. After a bit of counselling, she got off my back a little. And when I was transferred to the mortal realm I only got to see her once a year, which was all right. But now, she's back at it again. Shouldn't have quit my anger management classes. You understand don't you?"

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