Thuradra’s Bane

By Marcus D Barnes

A mid to high level Fantasy Role-Playing Adventure

Copyright 2012 by Marcus D Barnes

Smashwords Edition

Players Introduction

You were returning by sea from a previous adventure when disaster struck. A severe storm pounded your ship, eventually driving it onto some offshore rocks where it quickly sank. Luckily, a nearby village was alerted to your plight and, with their aid, you survived the ordeal - although the captain, two of the crew and the ships cat were not so lucky.

Recovery took a week, over which time you could not fail to notice an air of doom and despondency in the village, eventually you gathered the courage to ask the local priest why. He was more than willing to share some of his troubles with you and asked if you had noticed a lack of meat in your diet since arriving at Endelst (the village) you had and say so. He then tells you the following:

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