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Lady In red

Susan Carey

Copyright Susan Carey 2012

Published at Smashwords

The bloodshot sun dipped below the sea’s horizon. Milly sighed deeply, looking out over the opalescent sea. Tom took her hand and kissed it. He smiled and said, ‘There’s something I left in the hotel room, darling. Won’t be a minute.’

Milly replied, ‘Okay, but don’t be too long.’ He stood up and scraped the wooden chair over the marble floor. Milly watched Tom’s figure recede along the promenade towards the hotel.

The sun disappeared and the bracelet of harbour lights flickered on. The waiter’s son came round, lighting candles on the tables. There was a chill in the air and Milly pulled her Pashmina tighter around her. The hard rush seat had made imprints on her thighs and she shifted on the chair, trying to get comfortable. She just wanted to go back to the hotel room now, lie down and feel the heat of Tom’s skin against hers.

Glancing down at her watch she realised Tom had left their table over half an hour ago. Where had he got to? A feminine footfall come down the steps from the promenade to the restaurant. A statuesque blonde walked onto the patio, her high heels clicking over the floor. She was wearing a red silky dress that was ruched at the sides, emphasising her curves. She tossed a lock of leonine hair over one shoulder and walked towards Milly’s table.

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