Curse of the Crystal Skull

Drac Von Stoller

Copyright 2012 by: Drac Von Stoller

Smashwords Edition

Have you ever wondered in the back of your mind, what if you could make a wish and it came true. That's exactly what happened to Dr. Murray when he went on an expedition with a group of archeologists to the Aztec ruins. Dr. Murray was a big dreamer with an over active imagination. So even if Dr. Murray were to tell someone that he made a wish and it came true, no one would believe him. Dr. Murray is what you would call the little boy who cried wolf. Dr. Murray was one of seven young archeologists eager to make a name for himself. The expedition was planned around May. Not too hot and not too cold. The archeologists that were going on the Aztec expedition were Dr. Murray, Dr. Morley, Dr. Webber, Dr. Sanchez, Dr. Seymour, Dr. Roberts and Dr. Bell.

The skies were blue that day their flight took off for the Aztec Ruins expedition. Dr. Murray sat next to Dr. Bell on the plane. Dr. Murray's over active imagination was already kicking in. Dr. Murray's mouth wouldn't shut up during the flight. Dr. Murray was telling stories about his great uncle Henry who was an archeologist. Henry was part of the first archeologist's that made significant discoveries at the Aztec Ruins. Of course Dr. Bell knew that was a lie because Dr. Bell knew Dr. Murray's uncle Henry was a drunk and the only thing remotely close to him being an archeologist was digging up bones in his back yard. Dr. Bell finally heard enough of Dr. Murray's farfetched stories and put his headphones on and turned up the music to drown out Dr. Murray's motor mouth.

Dr. Murray said, "I guess I'll just read a magazine."

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