Perry’s requiem

Daniel LaGrave

Copyright © 2012 by Daniel LaGrave

Published at Smashwords

Before the end of the day his life would be over. As he laid dying thoughts floated to the fore front of his mind, would Patricia and their unborn child be safe? Would this damned war ever end, and had it been worth his life? What would become of his beloved bookshop sitting in Boston’s heart?

Amid a field filled with snow and the nameless dead he resigned himself to his own dying, but every clouded breath that felt like his last came followed by another.

Damned red coat hadn’t even had the kindness to kill me quickly, Perry thought, struggling against the pain burning through his guts.

After another agonizing moment he failed, he screamed. It was a terrible sound which filled the silent valley. Finally the darkness that had crept into his vision, closed on him.

Across the field another set of eyes opened, awakened by the primal shriek. A raven haired man sat up with a groan, and looked about at the mangled corpses searching.

“Come now show yourself.”

He called seeming to ignore the wrecked stump where his right arm had been previous to the battle. Five yards away the body of an English soldier trembled, and lurched onto its side. Forced from beneath by a hand, a hand still attached to an arm. “There you are.” The raven haired man said with a slight grin. “Come on, hurry up.”

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