Authored by:

The Great Eminent Scholar

Mohammed Amin Sheikho

God has made his secret sacred

Checked and Introduced by

Samer Ahmed Al-Hindy


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Copyright 2013


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Chapter One

Towards the Meaning of the Hour

Mankind suffer acute spiritual worry in this age, this is due to what the technical revolution produces of dense material domination which throws its dark shades onto the spirits blocking up the sources of light off them and keeping them apart from the abode of eternity. This revolution made people sink into mental mazes which are contrasting sometimes and interlacing many times. The technical scientific revolution was a dream that tickled the dreams of some thinkers. They looked at it as a rescuer from poverty, diseases and ignorance since the end of the nineteenth century.

They gave free rein to their thoughts so that they described it away excessively unreal, and waged a violent war against the old beliefs and laws saying that they serve no longer for this age as they grew old and became worn out. Just as they decided the beliefs and laws to be aged and worn out, they also passed a decision of death against God.

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