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I first have to thank God for blessing me beyond anything I could have ever imagined! Not only am I living a dream, but I have some of the most amazing people in my life who have traveled on this writing journey with me. Though I’d never be able to thank everyone the way I’d like to, I have to give a special thanks to my amazing husband for his continued support and unwavering encouragement. I love you, Al! Also, special thanks to my family and like-family (you know who you are) - thank you for your constant encouragement and for believing in me!

Where it all started: To the co-founders of Page-A-Day Writers (formally known as the San Diego Writers Group) – Kirsten Imani Kasai and Ondine Kuraoka - Who knew that when we first hooked up to start the writer’s group that we’d actually get published? I love you ladies!

Critique Partners – Alicia J, Carmen, Claire, Delaney, Trish, and Yolanda - I will forever be in your debt! Writing wouldn’t be as much fun without all of you! Though I still have a lot to learn regarding the craft – I am better because of you.

My venture into the publishing world wouldn’t have happened without Chicki Brown, Delaney Diamond, Alicia McCalla, and Candace Shaw. Thank you, thank you, thank you for being amazing mentors, putting up with my questions, encouraging me, and pushing (and pulling) me through the interesting (Lol) journey of self-publishing!

And a very special shout-out to my sister-in-law, Tammy Cunningham – You Rock!

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