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Copyright 2012 by SAM SMALL

Smashwords Edition

Filed with the US Library of Congress # 1-709354531

Dedicated to Heather, who makes all things possible. My thanks to Sue, Antoinette and
all the others who encouraged me and inspired me to write this book. They are on the same journey as Heather and I.

We learn something new every day and are freshly amazed.

"Love hath reason; reason none."
William Shakespeare

THE FOUR GENDERS CONCEPT is not an invention of self-help theories. It is a comprehensive observation of what people have instinctively known ever since intimate relationships between humans became popular, and that's a long time ago.

What I have done is to describe what I see. I newly label the different relationship elements, observable to everyone, and suggest pathways to combinations of those elements. To absorb these pages and realise the importance of these observations will change your life forever. It changed mine.

I am not a psychiatrist or a psychologist or involved with academic research into human personality types. I am a life traveller who learned a lesson late. But late, as they say, is far better than never.

I have described what is all around me. I see what works. It is a reality for all people on this earth. Many are living it. Many are freshly discovering it. Many are still in ignorance of it. It is time for that veil of ignorance to be lifted. Enlightenment waits.

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