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by Steven W. White

Copyright 2012 Steven W. White

Smashwords Edition

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Crime Against the Goddess

Excerpt from Outrageous Fortunes

Author's note:

All of the named characters in the following story are actual historical figures. The setting is the famous Library of Alexandria, during the peak of its centuries-long reign as the center of human knowledge, in 246 BC. The story revolves around a crime that, as far as any historian can verify, actually took place.

Words kill. It’s a simple story I tell, but deadly for us then, and even now, dangerous in the telling.

I’ll follow the tradition of Berossus and set the date clearly. Saturn, the light of Kronos, graced Aquarius, and Jupiter, beacon of Zeus, had entered Capricorn. It was the first year of the reign of our Benefactor, Ptolemy III Euergetes, and seventy-seven years since Alexander the Great shed his mortal form.

The Benefactor’s daughter and I reclined on couches in the observatory-courtyard of the Library of Alexandria. She was a difficult student, and so impossible these last few days, I pulled my beard in frustration.

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