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If you are an educator, counselor, or therapist, and you want to use portions of this for your pupils or clients, please contact the author at 800-533-0020 for permission to use certain forms or limited sections of the book. In addition to the book, you are welcome to use our free website ( that provides additional resources such as various audio relaxation methods and other information on stress, wellness, mindfulness, and coping skills. Information on a more comprehensive book, iCope: Building Resilience Through Stress Management, is available in the Preface and Reference sections of this book.


Stress is a popular topic since it impacts on all of us. There is extensive research on the serious effects of stress on our health and well-being. Much of the research is highly technical, difficult to read, but potentially important to our understanding and coping with stress. What I have attempted to do in this book is present the fundamental knowledge and skills needed to cope with stress on a day-to-day basis and to help prevent the devastating and life threatening risks associated with stress when left uncontrolled. As such, I have chosen to review what is essential for a clear understanding of stress and how it affects us without going into extraneous details on the subject.

I have focused on the four primary coping strategies rather than overwhelm the reader with dozens of procedures. One Minute Stress Management teaches an approach that is quick and relatively efficient in dealing with day-to day stress. Once learned, the procedure can be used within a minute to manage but not eliminate stress. As is true with any self-help book there are certain limits to what this or any other approach can do for you. If you are having serious concerns or problems and the use of this book or other books does not result in significant improvement, it is recommended that you consult a professional.

The first edition of this book was published 25 years ago. I have kept the basic approach and concepts consistent since the fundamentals of stress management have not changed. This book is ideal for individuals looking for self-help methods to cope with stress and is designed for readers to use on their own or in combination with counseling or therapy. The approach will be particularly beneficial to those individuals who are coping with various illnesses or medical conditions, including cancer, chronic pain, MS, or any type of autoimmune disorder. Therapists who conduct programs for anger management, pain management, and addictive disorders have also found the book helpful as an adjunct to their teaching materials. One Minute Stress Management is also a valuable guide for stress control groups or lectures/workshops in various settings. A print version of One Minute Stress Management can be purchased at major book retailers.

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