Spiders Know a Thing or Two

Lora Covrett

Copyright 2012 by Lora Covrett

Smashwords Edition

The first sixth grade dance is in three days. It is the end of the school day and most of the kids are gone. Ricky sees Amanda talking with Lisa at Amanda’s locker. He looks into his locker as if he’s forgotten something. He looks again and sees that Lisa is gone so he quickly slams his locker shut. On his finger. Now he’s got Amanda’s attention. She glances at him and smiles nervously as she approaches.


“Yeah?” She slows but keeps walking.

“Do you have a date for the dance?”

Amanda rolls her eyes and runs away as if she’s creeped out. A defeated Ricky turns to his locker, bangs his head into it and saunters down the hall. Amanda is already out of sight.

_ _ _

Ricky is sitting on his bed practicing guitar. He wrote a song, “Oh Amanda”, a couple weeks ago. He is strumming his guitar and singing when his Mom barges in.

“Are you eating dinner?”

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