Financial Nightmare

Savings vs. Investment

Essay written by

Gino Napoleon Salaverria

How much does human jealousy measure trust? Infinitely!

Money and more money will come your way, open your arms and close your eyes and money will hit in the face so hard that it no longer a need of such will be an issue in your fortunate life… did I mention happiness, great looks and amazing personality will also be developed within you as you welcome all that financial freedom? Sounds more than realistic doesn’t it? well, the truth is that nothing comes your way that easy even if you ever get to inherit it… that old black magic said blue-eyes Frank Sinatra and the song became the most requested song in Vegas for more than five years straight… but what am I saying Vegas, of course that’s the best example of what this essay is all about, Financial Nightmare where your savings vs. investments are not even present when you must need them.

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