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Copyright: Ria Russouw

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The characters in this book are not based on any living or dead persons.

English spelling as opposed to American spelling was used throughout this book.


By Ria Russouw

The luxury coach was cruising along the dry and hot landscape of the West Coast of South Africa, after leaving Cape Town early that morning. The passengers were eagerly looking forward to the next stop to stretch their legs and to view the lovely fields of wild flowers so well-known in this part of the country. The passengers consisted mainly of foreign travelers; and Rick MacKay with his wife Jane, from the United Kingdom, had chosen this tour so that they could experience the country at first hand. A plane trip, though faster, would have meant that they could only see the landscape from the air. Driving himself was just not an option for Rick, as he wanted to relax and rest from his usual hectic schedule. They could have hired a local tour guide with a private vehicle, but somehow, the bus trip sounded better to Rick.

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