TV Safe

A Stoney Winston Mystery


Jim Stinson

TV Safe

Copyright 2012 by Jim Stinson

ISBN 9781476055541

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(Hard cover edition originally published by Charles Scribner’s Sons, 1991.)

Corrected and reformatted text, August, 2012

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Ah, the romantic, primitive 1980s! No Internet, Facebook, or Twitter. Telephones tied to the wall. Music on vinyl or flimsy cassettes and don’t even start on the fashions! Hollywood wandered in the desert between the lush studio days that were gone and our flush modern times full of cable and Netflix. Work for film people was scarce in those days, and Stoney Winston just barely scraped by. If the 1980s were romantic, Stoney was far too busy surviving to notice....

TV Safe

When a film is photographed “TV-safe,” the shots are composed so that all essential information is confined within the area displayed on older TV screens, which cut off the edges of the original picture.

Chapter 1

The sound stage flashed like a giant zircon with each fake facet twinkling in the lights, and the transparent, Plexiglas, stage-center safe glittered the brightest of all. Its own special key, fill, and rim lights kissed it as sweetly as if the safe and the visible cash piles within it were Bette Davis in close-up. The same lights lacquered the game show host, Smilin’ Jack Kilparrow in his thousand dollar jacket and two thousand dollar hairpiece. Ambient radiance splashed off the set and glazed the first rows of audience, mesmerized by this certified celebrity who was propping his elbow on one million manifest bucks. Smilin’ Jack patted the safe and twinkled at camera five, which stayed on him throughout the show.

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