by Ted Stetson

The streets of downtown Eugene were lined with booths selling jewelry, pottery and clothing. People crowded the streets and children ran about.

Andy pulled Blair along. “Come on. Come on, you have to see this.”

“But I saw some things I like,” Blair protested.

“You’ll like this more.”

“Why can’t we stop?”

“Because I’ve heard about this place, that it’s just fantastic.”

Blair doubted it, but Andy was always so nice after an argument. And catching him with Clair was like winning ten arguments.

“What’s it called?”

“Everything Costs.”

“That’s a strange name.”

“Wait till you see it.” He stopped and looked around. Damn, he was lost. He had pulled her through Saturday Market and around the perimeter and not only could he not find it, now he wasn’t even sure where he was. Then the sky darkened and thunder rumbled overhead and people ran for cover as rain spattered the streets.

As everyone was running every which way, Andy heard a little silver bell ring, like a shop might have over a door, and turned around. With the pedestrians out of the way he could see the sign just up the street.

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