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Mary Pipher, 2005

Reviving Ophelia (Riverhead Trade)

“Men buzz around as hardly more than hairy boys until the hand of fate squashes them in their tracks like bugs. Women’s lives are demarcated by a series of traumatic, usually bloody, rehearsals for death: the death of the little girl at menses, the death of the nymph at the loss off virginity, the death of the single girl at marriage, the death of the bride at the birth of the mother, the death of the mother at menopause. On occasion, under such pressures, a girl might easily add some bloodletting of her own.”

Joe Carducci, 2007

Enter Naomi (Redoubt Press)

“You always know what she thinks, but she does all her feeling alone.”

Zelda Fitzgerald, 1925

“Do what you are going to do, and I will tell about it.”

Sharon Olds, 1987

The Gold Cell (Knopf Poetry Series)

Should I pursue a path so twisted?

Should I crawl defeated and gifted?

Should I go the length of a river?

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