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As the boy’s words ended, the only sound in Meeting Square was a soft wordless murmur and yet Graice and Sybille both had to tamp down their perception to avoid being overwhelmed by the emotional reaction which radiated from every Aura in the chamber. Then Breyon stepped forward and began to ascend Speaker’s Dais to where Alisánder stood. When the Keeper reached the top, those nearest heard the boy say, “Father,” and Breyon answer, “Son,” before they embraced. The background noise changed from a murmur to an ‘ah’ and Binah and Escol hurried up the steps to hug their daughter.

Graice focused on the boy. Beyond doubt, he was Breyon’s son. His Aura, a bright circle of dark blue and gold, matched his father’s in intensity and mystery. Graice could read nothing from it. Sybille’s attention, however, was captured by the girl. The blazing display of wild, raw, and purely natural talent was spectacular. Not refined but second only to the Graice’s in strength. No wonder I saw her in a vision, the Madrére thought to herself.

Preferring that no one else hear, Sybille signaled to the Sistére in their silent manner. ‘Is the boy as impenetrable to you as his father?

Yes, and I think more complicated’ Graice replied. The image from Breyon’s memory of Alána at the white wall appeared in Graice’s head. Alisánder had clearly inherited from both parents.

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