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California Howdy

W. Todd Fraser

Copyright 2012 by W. Todd Fraser

Smashwords Edition

...Know why I stopped you Mr. Redman?” The CHP Officer posed this age-old questions after glancing at the license, then meeting Cole's eyes for the second time. “Well I suppose it was for speed. That was a good place for you to wait...” said Cole. It was not just a good place, it was a great place. This was one turn he'd make a mental note about.

Officer Costanza had been sitting off the road at the bottom of a downhill run. She'd parked just after a sharp left turn in the road, beyond the hill, behind a clump of the rampant Pampas Grass that grew everywhere in the California mid-coastal area. It definitely hid the BMW bike keeping her from being spotted whether by eye or by using the four hundred dollar laser detector Cole'd bought three weeks ago. The detector had chirped but it was too late. He thought of how nice it would be if portable black holes were available to attach to the bumpers, absorbing any type of signal shot towards the little blue car.

She asked the other age old question traffic cops usually ask - "Ya know how fast you were going?" Cole decided to see if the 'honesty game' and a nice smile would work with her. He put on the dazzling smile he'd practiced in the mirror so many times..."About 70-75" "That's right, I had you pegged at 72. It's a 55 zone and the signs warned you to take it at 45." The way she said this was just...well, flat, as though she was bored and reading a script. The moment he'd thought this, she yawned, covered her mouth and made a little kind of a squeaky noise . “Weird!” he thought. He noticed that she hadn't begun writing he figured that the situation was still salvageable. "Been busy?" he asked trying to ingratiate himself with her; just a bit. "You're my first in over two hours." She started to hand him back all his paperwork and the tone of her voice went from flat to authoritative. "Slow it down, Mr. Redman." But then she cracked loose a tiny smile which he returned threefold. "For sure!"

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