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“I have come for you,” he said simply, and held out a very long arm that reached down to me where I was, all small and distorted. I could say nothing. I hesitated only a second, then reached up to take his hand. It was the best thing I have ever done.

In my heart were cold, cold stones. They had been there forever. I now felt them dissolve.

He led me down the path. We walked together, slowly, his hand in mine, his amazing height almost touching the clouds. I could barely see his head, but on top was a shining star. It glowed.

“Are you the One?” I asked.

He just smiled and the sky lit up like it was on fire. The trees bent down as we walked by. Birds stopped singing and just sat perfectly still. Who could move?

I felt my hand tingle all the way down to my toes. It was alive with a radiance that I had never known.

“Are you the One?” I asked again, hoping he would answer, or at least speak to me. I was not afraid, but I just wanted some reassurance that this wasn’t just a trick like so many times before. I did not want to feel hopeful, then fall down, abandoned in a dirty stream, flowing back to where I was before for so many lifetimes. I wanted, with every breath I took, for this to be real.

But he would not speak. I had to find out myself.

We walked for days. There was no stopping for rest. We walked tirelessly, for he propelled me with a hidden fire, and we did not even eat and yet I felt no hunger. Every thing I needed was in him.

After awhile, we reached a place where the sun shone all the time. I could feel its radiance burn inside me. Finally, he let go of my hand and I was alone. I looked around and saw animals grazing and romping and being free. This was the place of eternal sunshine and I had reached it.

Inside I felt nothing. I was an empty vase, waiting to be filled. I had no idea what would happen next.

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