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A Valentine Heart

Copyright 2012


Latron M

Smashwords Edition

Chapter One

When George Valentine woke up on the morning of February 14, everything in his life seemed perfect. It was Valentines Day and his twenty five year old wife, Amy, lay beside him in the bed, still sleeping peacefully. Her auburn hair was splayed across the white pillow case, and her face in profile in the morning light was as beautiful as he could ever remember it being. Seemingly feeling his gaze she shifted, pulling herself over onto her side and moving closer to him. Carefully he pushed her hair from her eyes and heard her sigh. She smiled as his fingers lingered, and he bent over to kiss her gently, feeling her eyelashes tickle his face.

That’s a nice way to wake up.” Amy whispered quietly as his lips moved to her neck and she reached out with her arms to pull him to her. George moved closer to his wife and felt the totality of his love for her wash through his body. It was a pleasantly warm, almost intoxicating feeling. He was so deliriously happy that he playfully rolled her onto her back and made love to her as though it were their wedding night.

When Amy came down the stairs to the kitchen George was rummaging through the cabinets, looking for coffee. “Well, I had planned to have the coffee ready when you came down but I can’t find it.” His voice was playful, and Amy groaned.

I knew I forgot something when I was shopping yesterday.” She covered her eyes with her hand, and groaned again before adding. “I can live without food but not without coffee.”

Her dismay was so endearing that George moved around the counter and took her in his arms. She leaned into him, and he squeezed her tightly against him. Again, he felt overcome with the love he had for her in his heart. He let his lips graze her ear as he spoke. “Don’t worry honey, I’ll ride my bike down to Gray’s and pick some up. It’s a beautiful day outside and my bike has been feeling lonely anyway.”

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