Reliving the Werewolf Experience


Brandy Corvin


Copyright © 2012 by Brandy Corvin

* * * * *

The spiked leather collar with my name on it jingles in the wind as I enter Alpha's den. For having nothing much to do, the constant howls of suggestive ecstasy finally stimulated my curiosity enough to check out the source of the noise.

As far as I can tell, I think Alpha and his mate are going at it like a pair of dogs in heat. But I won't really know for sure until I actually see them with my own eyes.

I stand at the entrance with my legs trembling. Unsure of whether to intrude on Alpha's privacy and bear his wrath or spend the rest of this boring evening hanging about trying to ignore the changes I feel in my body and spirit.

From the moment Alpha sank his werewolf fangs into my shoulder till now, I've been feeling stranger and not so much my old self as his venom takes over my body, changing my form and instincts into that of a lycan. Most of the time it's like he's brought me along this wild roller coaster ride where it's too fast and I'm upside down for the most part. And then the coaster car dives head first into the jaws of a waiting werewolf.

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