"A book not for the weak of heart, but one that will please the strong of mind."

- San Francisco Book Review

"Damn Good Novel!" Five-Star Review

- Amazon Vine Voice Reviewer David Hall





A New York Story

By Logan Lo

Published by Grifters at Smashwords

Copyright 2012 Logan Lo.

Acknowledgements and references located at the end of the book.

Cast of Characters

Ah-goong - "Grandfather" with a secondary meaning of "Godfather"

Anh-Hai - The shadowy leader of Nikki Tran and the SAK; "anh-hai" being older brother in Vietnamese

Brinn - FBI Agent under Lipton

Bryson - The dai-low (gang-leader) of the Westside Five Ghosts

C - The current dai-low of the HFP gang

Chin - The leader of the Peace Tong, also called the "Ah-goong"

Cloudy - A foot-soldier in the HFP

Dai-low - "Gang leader"

Danny the Priest - A lieutenant in the HFP gang

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