No More War

by Lawrence John Brown

Smashwords Edition

Copyright April 2012 by Lawrence John Brown

Florida’s Stand Your Ground law gives an individual the right to shoot a person he feels threatens him.

The law reminds me of the belief behind American foreign policy. We, the American people, believe we have the right to kill people in other countries that we feel threaten us.

In this short video, I will discuss the horrible things we have done during the Cold War, the Vietnam War, and the Iraq and Afghanistan wars as a result of that belief.

During the Cold War, we developed a strategy to deal with the Soviet Union and China called containment. The goal of containment was to fight our battles against Communism on foreign soil so we wouldn’t have to fight them on American soil. What that meant in practice, however, was that we would use the people of other nations as human shields.

Under the strategy of containment, we saw every liberal, leftist, socialist, and nationalist movement in Asia, Africa, and Latin America as a threat. And so we often supported—financially, militarily, and diplomatically—right-wing dictators that imprisoned, tortured, and killed their own people.

Some of the dictators we supported were the Shah in Iran, Batista in Cuba, Suharto in Indonesia, Pinochet in Chile, Marcos in the Philippines, and Saddam Hussein in Iraq. We even trained the police in Iran in torture techniques and supplied them with cattle prods.

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