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Why Women can do a Better Job in Ruling the World, Than Men


William Bond and Pamela Suffield

Copyright William Bond 2012

Published at Smashwords

Chapter One: Why we need women to rule our world

This book is about why all of us, both women and men, would be far better off if women ruled our world. In the whole of recorded history it has nearly always been men who have been the rulers, to the point that most people think it is normal and cannot imagine what the world would be like, if women ruled instead.

We not only accept male rule as normal but we also take for granted the mess the world is in. Our history has been a history of warfare. This has become so commonplace we take it for granted that countries routinely settle differences between them through extreme violence. We also take for granted the enormous gap between rich and poor. Although things have slightly improved these days compared with the past, the inequality of our societies is still vast, as bankers award themselves million dollar bonuses while the common people have to pay for the banker’s mistakes. The reason why we accept all this is because we cannot find a solution to any of these problems through male rule.

So why would we think that women could do a far better job of ruling than men? To understand this, we have to look at why men find it so difficult to solve the problems of our world. Many famous men have talked about man’s inhumanity to man, and have tried through religions and political systems to find solutions. Although many religions have preached love and compassion, they have totally failed to stop warfare and often seem to have made the situation worse, by creating religious wars. No patriarchal religion has produced a loving and caring society. Political systems haven’t been much better. Communism and socialism, for instance, had the aim of creating equality for all, but completely failed to do this. The only political system that seems to have produced a marked difference for the better has been democracy, mostly because it allows people to ditch an unpopular government by voting them out of office, instead of having a violent revolution to do this.

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