Down the Memory Hole

“Excellent writing! As I started reading your preview, I was captivated by the experience that Buzz was going through. I will be purchasing a copy so that I can finish reading it. My mind is turning over all the possible scenarios. Having lived with a grandmother who had Alzheimer’s I can somewhat relate to what Buzz is feeling. Keep writing, this story is excellent!” (Jo Walker; 10/15/09)

“Who says grandpa-sitting is easy? Twelve-year-old Buzz thought so, but he was wrong. Everything started when Grandpa Collins moved in. Grandpa, recently diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease, was going to be sharing a room with Buzz for the summer. Buzz really didn’t like the idea of this at first. He found Grandpa quite annoying. Grandpa seemed to go off into his own little world at times, or as Buzz would say, Driving away in the Alzheimer. Every night, Grandpa would count aimlessly until he fell asleep 4...7...2.... Buzz wanted to cure his grandpa’s Alzheimer’s... he had an idea. I read this book in one sitting. It seemed as if the pages were turning themselves.” (John Albrecht; 10/15/09)

Down the Memory Hole

A novel by

Bonnie Turner

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