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He Could Have Coped With Dragons

A Jukebox Story


Richard Cone stood in the doorway, feeling completely out of place in his construction clothes, and gaped at the medieval castle decor of the new hotel bar. Crest-covered satin banners draped over the fake stone walls above the booths. A gigantic wood and fake-candle chandelier hung in the center of the room above high-backed cloth chairs and wood tables. He was glad he hadn’t been hired for the building crew. Just hanging that chandelier must have been a nightmare.

The two waitresses wore long, peasant dresses that seemed as out of place as he felt among the suits and modern outfits of the few hotel guests scattered around the bar this early in the afternoon. The hostess wore a brown dress that forced her moderate-sized breasts up into a huge mound of cleavage.

Richard would have bet anything that it was uncomfortable. She glanced up over the ornately printed, “Please Wait to be Seated” sign and Richard noticed she barely held back a frown. “Can I help you?”

Richard glanced up at the place in the ceiling where the cables holding the chandelier were anchored and then down at the empty tables under the huge wood fixture. No way could sitting under that be comfortable. “I’d just like to sit at the bar.”

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