By Astrid Cherry

Copyright 2012 Astrid Cherry

Smashwords Edition

I found her up by the bridge. It was about dusk and getting dark pretty quick. Her car was all the way over to the edge of the road, off the shoulder and almost in the ditch. The hood was open but her flashers weren’t on. I don’t know what kind of car it was, one of them Korean or Japanese ones, but not one of the good ones. One of the cheap ones. It was a blue color. It looked pretty new, but I guess it was broken down any way.

I slowed down when I saw it there. The road out here isn’t real busy and I didn’t know the car. I live pretty off from every one else and that’s the way I like it. Or I guess need it, because of the things I like to do. She was standing out in front of the car with her phone in her hand, and I kind of looked at her side-wise as I went by, maybe wondering if she was alone. If she was alone, I’d stop and see what I could do. She waved at me, and I turned and looked, and there wasn’t no one else in that little car. And she was pretty. I liked that.

Well I stopped and backed up. She walked right up to the window of my truck like she didn’t have a care in the world and wasn’t afraid of nothing. I liked her a lot, I really did. Right off. She had hair, really nice, that was fancy, I guess I’d call it - it looked complicated and expensive and like maybe she wouldn’t like it touched too much. It was like what you’d see on the TV, you know. She was wearing make up but not a whole lot, but her eyes were set off real good, and her lips was red, but not whore red. I don’t like that. Her clothes fitted her good but they weren’t too tight but you could see pretty much what she was shaped like under there. No surprises. White shirt, black skirt, not long and not short. She had nice legs for as tall as she was. A lot of taller gals have really straight calves and I don’t care much for them. Those shorter women have more of a shape to them. That’s what I like. The shapes, you know. I couldn’t really see what her shoes were, but she walked like they were tall heeled. Figure they wouldn’t be much use for running if she wanted to. Especially not out here.

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