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After Party

Published by Vallory Vance at Smashwords

Copyright 2012 Vallory Vance

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You got any Jack back there?” Daniel turned to the bartender and dragged his nails through his hair with a long, low groan. Watching Leslie flit around the crowded patio only served to intensify the ache in his groin. The dark skin of her slender features shone like polished ebony under the flickering glow of the gas lamps scattered across their lawn. Even now that she was hidden from his vision, the lilt of her laugh found him and shot sharp tingles down his spine.

He swallowed half the drink at once and grimaced as it ran its scorching course down to his gut. The liquid fire began to soothe the tension in his neck and for the first time that evening, the deep voice of Johnny Cash reached his ears. She had acquiesced to his musical request before she got pissed.

Tired from battling a three alarm blaze in the next town over and after four days of sleeping at the stationhouse, he had come home to what seemed like hundreds of strangers bustling though his house and across his yard. He had struggled to keep his eyes open as Leslie clamored in and out of their bedroom modeling dresses and hairstyles. He remembered grumbling the word matronly at some point and being smacked with a pillow.

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