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My name is Russel Blake. For over three decades I have earned a living as an Educator/Professional Musician/Concert Soloist/Music Producer. To date I have performed/toured/taught in 65 countries on six continents not only as a Concert Soloist, but also as a bassist with some of the music industry’s high profile talent.

As a Ordained Minister of the gospel of JESUS Christ, the unction of the Holy Spirit has placed upon me the charge of addressing an issue pertinent to the African, Caribbean/African-American community.

In my opinion, the perception and treatment of African, Caribbean/African-American Women is at best the long-standing root of our barometer of existence, and at the very least the heart of any discussion of constructive engagement for us to survive as a people.

At no other time in history have Black Women faced such a daunting and challenging role of perception. Although the trans-Atlantic slave trade forced a juxtaposition upon her status from venerable Queens of antiquity to that of forced slave labor, this development was predicated by the wretchedness of others outside of her race (and some within) for the financial profit of a few.

Today’s media technology beckons our human lens to witness indignities upon Black women undeserving, unwarranted and inhuman. Whether consistently as victims of violence and rape on the continent of Africa or the injurious derogatory practice of sexual objectification in America, the global image of Black Women is under constant daily attack and erodes the dignity of there existence to those most vulnerable.

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